Gives providers a valuable view of the patient they’ve never had before. A summarized timeline of all clinical events, across providers for their patients.

Problem it addressed

Doctors need to understand the context for a given patient condition. A chronological relationship is the most basic and most useful way to see correlations and possible causation. Most patient charts sequester information under tabs associated with the type of information (all lab reports together, all encounters together, etc..) While this is easier to architect from a technical perspective it is the hardest for the provider to develop a meaningful understanding from.

Why this approach solves the problem

The timeline sequences all patient information in a reverse chronological list. Every item in the list is an intelligent summary of a more detailed report behind it. The timeline view introduces the clinician to the most recent (and likely most relevant) information first, and makes it easy to scroll back in time, scanning for other relevant data or relationships. Any item in the timeline can be opened for deeper investigation.