Project was to redesign Practice Fusion’s flagship product, an EHR (electronic health record). For 5+ years Practice Fusion’s main product had been its EHR. When the product was conceived the best available technology to deliver the enterprise level complexity and responsiveness that they needed was Adobe Flex. Much changed in that time. HTML 5 made serious advances, and mobile access to tools became an expected feature.

Previously existing product | redesigned product 

Goals included creating a new design framework which would allow users to use any device to access the web-based platform. This required extensive responsive designs for all functionality so that it would work well on a desktop, but also scale down to a tablet or phone and deliver a great touch experience.


  • SaaS platform, delivering complex web-based healthcare application
  • Responsive design supporting mobile friendly and desktop experience
  • Professional networking and collaboration in patient care
  • Providing parity or better experience than existing platform
  • Future forward, modular to allow for evolution and new functionality
  • Improving clinical workflows, giving users better information and opportunities to act on it


  • 8 Interaction designers, 8 visual designers, 2 design researchers
  • My role: Design lead (executive stakeholder management, organizational buy-in, communicate the vision); Interaction design (design framework foundation, contributions to patterns, design collaboration/ideation)


Detailed write-up on the process of redesigning the EHR.

Some of the big design ideas

Consolidated patient visit workflows

Surfacing functionality and information with a practice dashboard

A fully responsive web-application

Dynamic interface elements

Professional networking with other healthcare providers

A single timeline view of patient encounters