What started as an experiment in different ways to attach rubber surgical tubing to wood became a set of crude stringed instruments. I found I could drive a screw through the rubber and it would hold one end of a rubber tube. Curious if the rubber would tear, I stretched it and screwed the other end down. This single had a little musical quality. I remade the entire contraption and added a space for a couple more strings. I didn’t have a way to “tune” it because the screws were permanent.

I got the idea that I could use something like an eye hook and wrap the tube through it. This experiment failed. The pressure from the tube tore the eye hook’s position in the wood.

I moved on to wire because it seemed like a medium which was more easily worked. It took a couple of tries before I had a way to keep one end stationary, but the eye hook tuner worked. The problem I found with basic steel wire is that it stretches easily and then looses it’s elasticity. The instrument fails to keep a tune for more than a couple of minutes. Still the experiment was inspiring and I found an application for it using real guitar strings.