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Passive magic, design of delightful experience

Why is Google Maps on a mobile device so amazing and delightful? Why does Word Lens feel so mind-blowing? Why does a Prius feel so good when you…

Shoe chest

Shoe racks provide a space to organize footwear but don’t do much to hide the shoes. Additionally we had very limited space behind our door (less than a…

When is design done?

“We don’t finish the movies, we just release them.” — John Lasseter of Pixar

Reclaimed wood table

I needed a table for garden work. I planned to use it for harvesting and making cuttings. Because it would be in the elements I didn’t want to…

Bone/gourd rattle

I made the ceremonial rattle for a friend as a gift.

Feathers as turbine blades

Systems vs models

In “The Developing Organization“, Bernard Lievegoed acknowledges that there is little agreement on the what distinguishes a system from a model, and proposes one way to think about…

You’ve graduated, now what?

When you graduate it is frequently the case that you have a head full of ideas and a resume pretty thin on experience. Every employer wants to see…

Kitchen table/cabinet

Pressure actuator

A friend of mine holds an annual party where the theme is “pants”. For one of the years I added a custom light rig to a pair of…

Cooking oil lamp

I was considering making an oil lamp as a gift for a friend. I didn’t know much about lamps. I experimented with olive oil and different wick fabrics….