Experience is worth more than success. Success is a one time deal. The value of experience is increased the more you have of it. The more your get the better you can understand the world. Better understanding allows for evolving the predictive algorithm. More experience gives you access to and familiarity with variables. You understand which ones have what kind of effect.

If the goal is to develop more effective algorithms, ones that allow for faster processing, then experience is the best tool you have. The trick is to gain the experience, without gaining the expertise, the commitment to the paradigm. You don’t want to become the expert, because you stop needing the experience. Experience once you claim expertise potentially undermines your claim. It shows you things that don’t fit with the stance you’ve taken.

Experience that leads to learning is subversive. The ideal position to adopt is like someone traveling over a field of unstable rocks. You want to stay light on your feet, never stopping on any single rock,but moving with grace from one to the next. At first you might fall, or lose your balance, but with experience you will get faster and better. You will be able to take more risks and have more successful maneuvers. You don’t ever want to stop. You don’t want to get comfortable about a specific rock. The point isn’t to master any rock,but rather to master the field.

Keep gaining experience. And once the field has been mastered move on to another field, with different rocks that you don’t know anything about. So you can learn an entirely new set of skills.