Leader, designer and maker.

I’m an interaction designer. A designer of user experience. I’m a thinker and a maker. I’ve honed a fine set of design skills working in studio environments on projects that range from quick-and-dirty start-ups to Fortune 50 visioning initiatives. I’m happiest when I’m exercising my skills near their limits, exploring and learning new domains, patterns or technology. I thrive in collaborative environments where everyone brings their best to the work.

I build with my hands outside digital work. I see valuable cross-pollination of ideas and lessons from  these two distinct practices.

I bring a passionate belief that design can make the world a better place. As a leader I support, inspire and deliver. As a designer I’m fast, preferring iteration to perfection. As a teacher I strive to empower others with design skills and methods that result in better tools and technology for humanity. I’m an attentive communicator, empathetic and inquisitive; I express myself articulately and clearly. I’m curious about how and why things work and determined to improve them. I’m an enthusiastic collaborator, a critical thinker who values excellence and competence. I love the work I do, and bring energy and enthusiasm to every team I work with.

Day job: UX Lead @ Google. The rest of the time, husband, father, gardener, maker, hiker, photographer, and avid reader.

contact me: stefan.klocek@gmail.com
follow me: @igniting